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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Join to Clean@MEDIA org.: Toraj Mahrukh Great Photographer

- I met a great talented photographer. He is a big talent of this field, and his mulitalent will help him in dealing with the problems, wich he will face while his career. Toraj please tell me about yourself:

Toraj: - I am a person with strong interpersonal skills and have the ability to get along well with people with kind of humor. I enjoy challenges and looking for creative solutions to problems. I believe in character values, vision , action and sensual moments.

- What inspired you to get into photography ?
Toraj: - The beauty ....
since i am ten, i am traveling …and my eyes could´t get all beauties in these cities captured.

- Who inspired you in start?
Toraj: - My dad gave me the first camera in the age 3.