Thursday, December 13, 2012

Join to Clean@MEDIA org: Rizwan Khan Great Talented Model

- I could call my self lucky, because I had the opportunity to make an interview, with a very talended model... Rizwan please tell me about yourself:

My name is Rizwan Anwar and my professional name is Rizwan Anwar Khan. My date of birth 16-july 1991, my heigh is 6.2, and my waist 32, my eyes colour are meroon. My Father name is: Muhammad Anwar, i have 3 brothers and a sis, my mother died at 28-aug-2007. I will love my family forever, and i want such life partner, who loves my family too.

About my personality: I LOVE MYSELF ....and i beleive in ISLAM only...... I love meroon and black colour ..and i love to wear best latest, and unique fashion, Since my childhood I had interest in modeling, dressing.

- How did you start interest of modelling?
Rizwan: - i already said that from childhood i had interest of dressing so. And i said every person should do different i decided to become model.

- Who inspired you in start?
Rizwan: I inspired by SRK (SHAH RUKH KHAN) every 1 knows that he is the an best actor , and i also like him and my aim is work with him . I have also interest is acting..I LOVE SRK.

- Which things was not easy in your carrier?
Rizwan: - In the beggining no one (family) supported me to come in this field. I came in this field with the help of my friend name MAJID this was only the hard part of my carrier. - What you achieved represents, that hardworking always birngs succes.

- What is your result now?
Rizwan: - I done three brands like rg-EMAAN kurtaz and 5-7 brand now and inshallah will do my best in future.

- Who you worked with?
Rizwan: - Razi Aslam

- How you see this work nowadays easy or hard?
Rizwan: - This is hard for me now, because my exams ahead near that is why i give my all time to preparation of exams.

- What are your future plans?
Rizwan: - INSHALLAH I will become suuuuper model of Pakistan and will make a Modelling Agency and will give chances to new talents without any personal benefit INSHALLAH.
- I wish you the best: make your dreams true, or at least be succesful in your occupation and your personal life.

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