Monday, December 17, 2012

Join to Clean@MEDIA org.: Shahzad Umer Great Photographer

- I could call my self lucky, because I had the opportunity to make an interview, with a very talended photographer Shahzad Umer. Tell me about yourself Shahzad:

- I'm Professional engineer working with a German concern. Adopted photography as a hobby, which became my passion and finally offered services as a professionalist.

- What inspired you to get into photography ?

- Nature has created so much of beauty around us which we tend to ignore in our daily lives. Beauty is people, beauty in nature, Beauty in feelings etc. We pass by same place every day without noticing. With my lens, i try to capture such beauty around us.

Who inspired you in the begining?

- I always used to be a better photographer (since my point shoot camera). and then i finally decided to try my luck with a professional series camera. then there was no stopping after the true potential of a real DSLR was unleashed. 

- What problems did you face to achieve your career?

- Since photography in Pakistan is not yet a fully established field and there is not much of the opportunities available for photographers to groom their skills with Professional world class training and practical workshops. Photographers are mostly learning by practicing. I had to groom my skills by networking with photographers world wide (thanks to social networks).
I have covered some but miles to go...

- Who have you worked with?

- I formally didn't work with any photographer. But i have a circle of professional photographers who held each other grow in their professional skills.

- What are your plans for the future?
- To quench my thirst of photography with experiencing new innovative themes, techniques to give the best in portraits, fashion, weddings and landscape. - Oh, these are wonderful plans, i wish you can accomplish all of them.
As i am Passionate about freezing the time and moments with my Lens. People call it photography, I call it Preserving Memories..!!

- I wish you the best: make your dreams true, or at least be succesful in your occupation and your personal life. 

Shahzad Umer

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