Monday, December 17, 2012

Join to Clean@MEDIA org.: Junaid Butt Great-looking Model and Actor

I just got to know a very unique artist, who is going against the ways people are generally used to, while creating a new style in this field. I could not resist not to introduce him, and make him speak.
- Tell me something about yourself:

- Hello, My name is JUNAID MANNAN BUTT still single, Education B.A(prv), 27 years old and height is about 6 feet, I am sincere, Dedicated, Passionate person and also Talkative (- according to my experinece), We are 5 siblings and i am at number 4.

- Great nice family masha did you get interested in modelling?
- I started my career with Acting (accidently), The response was very good! Soon i got much involved and meet many new people, they suggested me to do modelling as well, they told me that i have a UNIQUE getup height is ok and Face cut is also suitable for modelling.
One of my friends who is a photographer known as (SALMAN PHOTOGRAPHER) and (QAMAR BASHIR-MAKEUP ARTIST) help me out and shoot some snaps for me. By watching those clicks i was surprised and decided to do Modelling.

- That was your good decision....what inspired you to start?
- (hahahaha) Seriously! (myself), i am in this LONG HAIR with BEARD getup from past 10,12 years and joined MEDIA in 2010 in the same setup, i saw alot of Models every type but couldn't find  anyone  like me, i thought i have ability to get people's attention by my attractive look.

- Your look really unique, i think models will snatching it from you... tell me about what problems did you face to achieve your career?
- Well i have a list! where to go for Audition, who u meet who you trust, who is professional aaah, but in short no one was accepting my beard, this was the biggest Issue.

- New ideas are always faced with a refusal...but you have lot of chance for build nice career as model and actor...who have you worked with?
- When there was no one, I found a Coordinator name SYED ZAKIR HUSSAIN. I contacted him and told him that i want to do Modelling, so we meet and he Introduces me as a Professional Model.

- What are results of your achievements?
- mmm can't say right now, because i have just started but i will do some big show insha Allah,  i working very hardly on it, so i made my name is this field, this is Achievement.

-  I wish you will get the best results....How do you see the work nowadays in your field difficult or Easy?
- Very hard. Competition is very tough, alot of people are joining and willing to b a Model.

- And what are your plans for the future Junaid?
Modelling has an age and as i said I m also an actor so in future i'll be a VILLAIN INSHAALLAH. 

- I watched your movies, and i share them here too...i think you are great in both field , as model and actor too... i hope we will meet in future when you will be a big star insha Allah.

Find him on Facebook:
Phone: 0346-3250898

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